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Images and extras

Here are some self drawn images of visible energy experiences. You will find here later some more extras.



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Videos are also available: But the text description of the videos has still not been translated into english.

These pictures are very similar to the real effects but not absolutely identic.

These image where drawn and editied with the programs Paint, IrfanView and MS Photoeditor.

Colors of the Aura (""). Note the feathered transition into the black.

The crystal effect of "". On the right is a magnified crystal to show the structure. The others are, in relation to the aura colors, a bit smaller than usual.

Here is the contrastless blue of "". It begins mostly as small sharp bordered patch, which enlarges slowly and "pushes" possible present aura colors away.

The miraging of "", which can be seen sometimes around the fingers (red). Note the blurring of the background (brown line).

Here are the magnetic field like lines of "".

Here are the lines of  "" and sub-points. Note the differing distances between the lines of the different groups. At the right lower sige are the fine crossed lines of "", which occur usually on much bigger areas.

Here is the white wall of "". It is often accompanied by a loud bang.

Here is the very rare effect of the white spheres of "" in the blue aura 3.