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 Here in the Maintext (left menu bottom) you can find the actual content of this website.

You can choose between 2 Possibilites. The "newest maintext" contains the original text in one huge HTML-Page.

The "maintext for beginners...." contains a more userfriendly splitted version of the maintext. It has been splitted in it's main topics. These sites are not so often updated like the newest maintext, because the updating of these sites is much harder.

Important news: Very important update!!!


Newest Maintext V2.155a from 16.01.2014

Maintext for beginners and first time readers on out of real Version 2.154

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The maintext is the core of this homepage. It is a file, in which i enter all my knowledge about the supernatural.


How does the maintext work?


First a little note: The text has been translated short time ago from german into english. The translation has been made carefully per hand, but my english is not fully perfect. So are especially in the parts, which i translated first, a few bugs and some grammar errors. They will be removed in the next time, but it will take another 50 hours of working time for me.


The maintext has a completely new system to manage the different kinds of experiences, methods and other informations. Every single information unit became a own number. This number works like a telephone number, where the first numbers determine country, town, and so on, till the exact telephone is defined.  But the numbers in the maintext determine the properties.


Lets take for example the point "". This number contains following informations:


"1" = Experiences, basics and properties of the supernatural

"1.2" = Supernatural experiences

"1.2.2" Visible energy experiences

"" Bulky visible energy experiences

"" Aura 2 and similar effects

"" Aura 2


You see, the way to the point is logical and it seems, that it can be found fast. 

But is it so? Lets make the test!


One experiences a strange long lasting sensation of tingling at the hands. Now lets find the respective point for this!


We want determine an experience, so it is shurely in group


"1.2" = Supernatural experiences


That have we learned already.


What for choices are now left?

"1.2.1" Tactile energy experiences

"1.2.2" Visible energy experiences

"1.2.3" Energy experiences related to hearing and thinking

"1.2.4" Various indirect energy experiences

"1.2.5" Energy experiences in relation with specific abillities


Only group "1.2.1" fits. This experience is direct and tactile and we don't know a respective ability.


Let's look in this group now.

"" (Rather) direct sensing of energy

"" Rather indirect sensations of energy (aftereffects and sideeffects)


The group "" seems to fit better. But this can not always be shure. In this case is it also better to look this group first.


What for choices are now?

"" Surface sensations

"" Inner sensations

"" Temperature perceptions

"" Experiences caused by separation of the astral body and the physical body


"" fits, because it is on the surface and the experiencer has not tried to make an out of body experience (In this case would both groups fit, but the first should be checked first).


We are coming closer.

"" Simple perceptions

"" Perception of energy links


Both groups could fit now, because they define properties, which unexperienced people can not distinguish. So we must check them both. But these contain together only 16 Experiences, which can be checked fast.


After careful reading can we be shure, that experience "" is the only one, which fits.


( Very frequently are various forms of mild to severe tingling. This tingling can occur on energy affected areas or on areas, which are loaded with energy. Even if the sensation is often first noticed on the hands and feet, it can be felt everywhere on the body. This experience needs mostly (but not always!) a slight focus on the affected parts of the body to get noticed. This experience can be experienced intentionally by applying the energy method. It often occurs together with "". This experience can also displace "", so that the pushing and pulling can not be perceived (Anymore), but it is more often inversed.


You see, that the maintext got it's advantages.


One will learn fast to find all required informations in seconds. And don't forget. All the informations in this text are as reliable as possible, because the maintext bases on my own experiences.


If somebody would ask me "What do you read first, when you want to know something about the supernatural?", would i say "The maintext.". Ok, i have written it and i know it better then every other person. These are the reasons! The maintext is today also my most important source for informations. I don't read much other things.