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Revision of english translation complete!

After 2 years of hard work is the english translation complete and revised!

The content has been improved a lot.


These are the latest updates of the maintext

-New tables of content

-Technical word description has been removed

-The term dream-out of body experience-combination has been renamed to astral dream.


The maintext for beginners has been updated with the latest maintext.


Another important update!

Additional extremely important groups has been added:

"1.1.7" Properties of the astral body

"1.1.8" Prpperties of the body during (real) dreams

"1.1.9" Properties of the astral world

"1.1.10" Properties of the dream world

These groups explain basic properties of the astral world and the dream world.

Even more important is the Group

"1.1.11" Properties of the thoughts

It explains the own thoughts (which influence all supernatural abilities) in more than 60 Points.

These groups make it easier to understand the supernatural.

The reworking of the english translation is running. Now are 74,5 % of the work done.

The term "energy experience" disappears / further updates done!

I  replaced the old term "energy experience" by the term "supernatural experience" and the term "energy transmission" by the term "supernatural transmission". This makes the text up to date.


The method group "M.1.4" (Methods for the application during the out of body experience) has been added. These methodes make the beginning of astral travelling easier.


Further small supplements has been added. The reworking of the english translation is running. Now are 62,5 % of the work done.


Very important update!!!

I  had during the work on the translation of the maintext a very important idea. There exists still no description of the general basics of the application of supernatural abilities. But these are  extremely important to understand many things. It is basic knowledge, which tells, why a supernatural ability does work or not work and where the problems are. This topic is very huge. This information required more than 60 Kilobte of text and consists of 214 points. These basics are listed in these two big groups:


"1.1.5" Basics of the supernatural perceptions


"1.1.6" Basics of the supernatural influencing


The content is more important and more interesting, than the group names may suggest! Evewn, while i call these informations basics, these informations has never been bevore available in this form. These Informations fill also many information gaps, which has been in this text.


The writing of this text was very exhausting and the english translation was also very hard. Im doing this work in my free time (without payment). So i took a long break for some months. Now im continuing the work.


The reworking of the english translation is still running. Now are 57,9 % of the work done.

New important layer of the aura discovered!!!

During an attempt to observe the aura 1, i noticed a completely new layer of the aura. It was till now unnoticed due it's similarity to the Aura 1.  The former aura 1 has been renamed to aura 1 B. The new layer became the name aura 1 A. The miraging, which was classified as part of the former Aura 1, was now reclassified as part of the new aura 1 A. The behavior and the properties of this miraging fits better to this new layer.


This layer has been enterd only in the complete maintext.


 More updates!

The works for the improvement of the english translation are running. Now are 40 % of the work done. This includes the whole group of the tactile energy experiences. The improved partds became also several important additional informations.


Please note, that these updates are only in the whole maintext available. The maintext for beginners will be uptdated later.


Aditional updates for the Maintext

The improving of the english translation continues. Now are 22 % of the work done. That includes the whole group of the energy physics. Now is this part much better understandable.


New design for the website

I made a new design for this website. This new design offers more possibilities for changes in the future.


The works for the improving of the english translation in the maintext are still running. Many errors and grammar problems has been removed. The terminology has also been improved. But there is still a lot of work left.


New updates in the maintext

Following informations where supplemented:

-The energy physics has been complemented with additional informations from the latest knowledge

-The visible energy experiences became important additional informations (Binding to the enviroment, visibility with open eyes and closed eyes)


I improved also the english translation of several parts of the text.



Finally: Out of real goes international!

After long hard work is the translation of the maintext complete. Now is out of real also available in english.