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The website about all learnable supernatural abilities and experiences, which i know.


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This website from germany offers a revolutionary kind of information system for supernatural things. Whatever you want to know, can be found in a few seconds. The maintext makes it possible. Learn now more about this in the maintext section.


All, what you here read, can be learned.


This website contains enough information to fill a whole book with it. You find all the information in the maintext. The main text is a giant html document with more than 325 kilobytes of pure text.


Some statistics about the maintext (V.2.109 from 18.01.2012):

334.535 bytes of text

850 Points with informations

838 from them are topic related

119 of them are methods and related tips

185 of them are physics and related basics

534 of them are experiences and related basics

208 of the experience-points are for the topic out of body experiences

89 of the experience-points are visible energy experiences (like aura, light points,...)

11 Different kinds of dreams are listed in the text


So,... why wait? Go directly to the maintext.